Brown Bags

Date: 7/25/2017

By SHeesch26

During work in school (it might've been chiro school but it felt like nursing school) I had a job to open brown paper bags and set them out for other classmates to be used. As we all know, brown bags are prone to ripping near the top (or anywhere for that matter) but I rip near the top doesn't doom the entire bag. As I'm relaxing upstairs (in the break room), Kate W (from chiro school) stomps her way upstairs (with Chelsea V) and bitches about the bags - she brought me about 3 ripped bags - and demands I fix them. Without hesitation, I grabbed one of the bags she brought, ripped it, and told her to fix it herself if she wanted a better bag. The girls storm off and I immediately check Facebook and Kate sub-statuses me in the group Facebook page (something along the lines of "2 times already today I've had to be the bigger person, it is not easy").