A restaurant for giants & seeing an old friend

Date: 5/15/2019

By PandaPuff

So somehow I convinced my teacher to go to some place that no one else has made it to before. My friend Lexi was walking close behind me and I was leading. My teacher and the class snuck by the other teachers that were outside. We entered this forest. It looked like some people had been cutting down trees. I noticed a dead deer was trapped underneath one and I was sad and kept on going. We entered this miraculous cave and looked up. There were like these floating pieces of land and we had to jump up on them. For some reason dog toys were on the first level and my teacher said dogs probably lived here. We all continued jumping and it began to get difficult. There were weird objects like plates and cups. I had some trouble climbing up all the way and so did the rest of my class. Some people were ahead of me at this point and once we made it to the very top a lot of people gasped. I was afraid to look all the way over in case I fell. Above us it still looked very forest like but there was this giant window with light shining through. As I peered over the edge, it appeared that we were in a gigantic restaurant. One meant for giants. I was like,"Oh shit..." when I closely examined what we were on I realized it was silverware, plates, and cups. This giant waiter came over to us and put us on plates. Everyone jumped off onto the lower floating land level below. Some landed in bowls of soup. We continued jumping back down in a hurry so we didn't get possibly eaten with the waitress started throwing giant food at us which we for some reason ate. Once we got back down, we ran out of there. (The scenery was beautiful but I can't remember everything about it) Next part of my dream I somehow ended up at an internet friends house. I haven't talked to her since a fight in 2015. I knocked on the door and asked to see jasmine. I hurried inside and was a little hesitant about seeing her so her mom or whoever shoved me in the room and shut the door. I saw her but also saw some girl passed out asleep in a chair. We talked and I said,"It's me. Taylor." And her jaw just kind of dropped. I asked if she wanted me to leave but she said no and we exchanged numbers. That's all I can remember.