Futuristic exercise and weed quills

Date: 5/7/2019

By TeehAhmed

I was with Herman and Victor, testing out the new automatic Weight Adjuster which tailors all the weights in your workout to you. They were doing pullups and I just sat there. They had a device around them to track their progress, but it disappeared when I looked back at them. It looked like a white lab, with Cellin operating it. She asked me my name, and if I’m one of those people that work outside. I said of course, and then I was walking to take another comfy seat, and Alexander also wanted to take it. I didn’t see him, so I sat down and he got mad. I received a pen that was made by a company named Tine, which was basically a device in itself. The room i was in at this point looked like a messy futuristic room that you see in VR demos. The second dream (that was actually the first dream but I just remembered it) was about me and another guy going to the weirdly designed bathrooms and standing in a way that nobody could open up the stall door, so that we could smoke “Weed Quills”. I searched up weed quills on the internet, and nothing came up. This part of the story was in 3rd-person perspective. Now it’s in first person, and I was walking back to a concert that I was attending. It looked like it was Ramadan, and I was feeling guilty for smoking weed.