Date: 5/26/2017

By tiptipkitten

I was at a camp with a gender swamped people from haikyuu and I started hanging with yamaguchi and tsuki. I got in line for food and something happened with a mean girl that I don't recall. At some point I got face paint (I was in a dress the whole time) and we got van type thing to go somewhere along the way we met some people dressed as the presidents they quizzed us and they looked and me strangely then they left. We got to our destination witch turned out to be a mall that the whole store was on clearance we went in and looked at some shirts then we walker farther in then I broke off when I saw video games I looked for little then an attendant came by and told me there not going to be on sale till tonight. I smiled and nodded then I saw that my friend Gabe came by. I talked with him for a while but then it was time to pull out. We got back to camp and played a basketball relay type game and it was now my turn so I ran up and started through it the socks in (they give you four) finally I got them all in and I went back to the stands and sat next to yamaguchi. I asked her if I had anymore face paint on she said yes then started to help me get it off. I woke up soon after.