Date: 9/18/2019

By bluevenus

Bsjsbej, I've had another marriage dream. I got engaged to a friend of mine, not the one who has a girlfriend but another one, but also, it wasnt exactly him. I cant remeber exact details but it was vaguely him but he looked slightly different and acted different. In my dream we were engaged at this age 17/18 ish. We were hanging around a bunch of people from my school who I dont hang out with (because they're trouble) but still wanna be friends with because I have crippling self esteem issues. We were hanging out and they were really nice and i was having a pretty good time. Later on my fiance led me away from the group to go to a strip club. The strip club was offering free tattoos so we both sat down to get some. Unfortunately we got called back at some point. We went back to camp (I have no idea where the camp came from, it wasn't there before) where we were hanging out with a different group if friends. One of my friends had an autistic sibling who was MASSIVE and they were mega violent. They had taken stuff from my friend and refused to give it back and her mum refused to do anything. So I approached the sibling and began arguing with them. This back and forth continued for a long time. Towards the end of the dream we began to get along better and we came to an understanding and they have back the items and we were friends. Woke up soon after.