Road of Fire

Date: 8/4/2017

By ChocolateBean

I was driving through a neighborhood where I work. I got to a certain street and all the traffic light from that point on, weren't working properly. there was no one out yet to fix them or direct traffic, so cars did their best to get through without crashing. When I got past, I saw it was hazy in the distance. I got closer and soon saw it was flames. Giant flames reaching into the sky, were dancing on both sides of the roads where there were a lot of trees. Some cars stopped, afraid to go through, and some sped through to get in and put quickly. I looked and saw some burning cars sitting on the shoulder. I hoped the people were okay. I snapchatted the sight before me, in case something were to happen. I rolled up my windows, took a deep breath, and sped through the firey lanes as quick as I could. the smoke was thick, but after what seemed like forever, I made it out safely.