Date: 3/10/2019

By zlyxev

Two young men, somewhere in their early twenties were stalking me, from the grocery store, to beaut stores, bath places etc. though when I got back to my home in my dream they followed me there. (I don’t remember much details and I truly don’t want to but at some point I woke up and went back to sleep, only to continue this dream, I was lucid dreaming) the terrible part is that my home in my dream was not like my home in real life, lucid dreaming at this point only got me into more trouble, I had no idea how to escape these stalkers who had me at gun point, I remember deciding to get closer and bite one of the men’s hand which somehow helped me, but I got a gun from him only to be stupidly stuck without knowing how to use a gun in real life, lucid dreaming during nightmares is not recommended. They dragged me around with their newly acquired guns. When we were on the open road I tried running, but I forgot they had guns so my trip ended quickly with bullets in my legs. Thank God that my sister got into this dream when I woke up at some point seeing her and falling back asleep, I bit the guys hand again which again seemed to help and had a run for it with my sister. We got into her car and drove away. With the guys running after us, I tossed the gun out the window, and that’s when I finally woke up only to fall asleep again to another nightmare. Guys, I don’t recommend lucid dreaming during nightmares, it felt so real and the fact that I could control everything made it feel like real life and I freaked out. Also, being held at gun point and eventually being shot multiple times only to realize you can’t die and you’re stuck in pain is horrible. I like I said, I didn’t write details, but I also don’t want to think about this dream anymore. Thank you for reading.