My Tragic Cinderella Story

Date: 3/20/2017

By TempusVernum

I was a poor farmer girl invited to a ball in the dazzling underground of wherever I lived. It was literally underground-- a giant cavern filled with gowns and jewels and nobles. I didn't know the strict rules of this court, so I walked right down the center aisle of the cavern (apparently a huge no-no) and came to stand at the front. I looked around, confused as to who invited me. After whatever performance that was happening was finished, a man who had been sitting beside where I was standing stood up and took my hands, looking into my eyes. The prince! He was a tall thin dark skinned man. I knew in the dream he was a voodoo man. I'm not really sure what that meant in context of the dream, but he was apparently dangerous. To me he was kind. Kind and handsome and sensitive. Throughout the dream, he transformed into many of the various characters and people I've ever had a crush on (Titus Alexius, Evan...). We got to spend many dazzling nights together in that underground court. We played games like this water volleyball thing in a river in which the object is not only to hit the ball but also to bail out the water in your section of the river. Another obscure thing happened in my memory in which we both were almost killed but saved each other (I don't really remember why or how) He had this room further into the cavern system that looked like a hotel room. We would cuddle on the beds and I remember him taking a video of me dancing badly in a night gown. But I was still a poor farm girl and we had to convince my parents to let me marry my voodoo prince. We tried twice. I knew that if they said no, I'd marry him anyway. On the second try they agreed. I woke up far too soon and we both knew I was going away. We stared into each other's eyes as I struggled to hold onto the dream, memorizing each other's faces because I knew I'd never see him again.