haunted chocolate

Date: 2/19/2017

By wanda1316

My mom had a box of valentines chocolate. I came home one day, and she slowly opened the box to show me that two pieces were missing. I knew that what she was showing me was that something mysterious are the chocolates. Earlier we were on the phone with someone we believed to be my dad, but we also thought he could be an imposter. My mom told me to eat one of the chocolates. I chose the one in the middle. It was four squares stacked on top of each other. It was a mixture of dark and white chocolate. When I started eating it, a light on the kitchen went off. We turned it back on, but it would go off again without the light switch moving. My mom and I crept to the staircase to peek into the kitchen. She pointed out a yellow glow and described it as a mating call. I saw it and it only looked like a reflection of something yellow. We went upstairs and locked the doors. We were almost panicking. My mom laid down on my bed and I stood. We heard footsteps. Something tried to get into my room. It was jiggling the handle. The footsteps continued through the bathroom. There was another door leading into my room. I grabbed the handle to keep it shut. Something tried to twist the handle to open it. When it left I locked that door too. The footsteps kept going back and forth. Finally I looked through the crack under the door. All I saw was a wrapping paper for one of the chocolates. There was a little bit of chocolate left in it. Once I saw it the chocolate slid off the wrapper and under the door. It started sliding towards me. A childlike voice was saying, "you forgot some, see? I thought you might want it." I grabbed some paper towels and picked up the chocolate. My mom was unnerved. I gave her a notebook. I said, "here's what you're going to do: every day you're going to write down what happened, what you tried, and what results you got for everything."