Back to Revisit my Old High School

Date: 8/25/2017

By fluffytree

I went back to my high school TAA and walked the halls of the still super tiny building. I've revisited plenty of times in my dreams but this is the first time I ever saw my old teacher and principal, Mrs. Qualls, in the classroom again and actually teaching. She was really awesome and I learned so much from her even how to type. She's been retired for ages though and I haven't seen or heard from her since I left. So I was shocked to see her back there as a teacher again. Don't think she's the principal anymore but just a regular teacher. She recognized me too but I had to ask first and when she says she does and how she remembers how well I did when I was there I felt really good. It took me back to better times. I'm afraid to update her on how my life is now because, well, sure I finished college 10 years ago, but I never did anything with my degree and now work as a night shift security guard while also living at home in my childhood room with no girlfriend, wife, or kids. Not that these things are a must have in your 30s, but I would never have thought my life would've turned out this way and I'm sure she wouldn't either. So I just don't mention it unless she blatantly asks. I originally popped in to go down memory lane but also get information for my 5 year old niece to see if she might wanna go there. I know she won't since my brother lives 2hrs away and wouldn't wanna pay the high tuition costs anyway of that school, but it's still an excuse to talk to her without feeling bad for pulling her out of her classroom and interrupting. So while I'm sitting across from her in her old office she has Mrs. Gray, another old teacher of mine but from a totally different school, get all my old SAT tests and scores. It shows that I did super well which was never true. I mean I did pretty poorly which is why I hardly got any sort of scholarships for college. But I just go with what she's saying. Besides, it looks like the stacks of packets in front of me are not necessarily SAT tests, but regular exams and homework I did back then. I woke up suddenly at this point though to use the bathroom.