almost lesbian experience

Date: 4/7/2017

By DopplerDanni

a girl I don't know who was hanging out. we were on her bed not really doing anything, and then all of a sudden she says "here let's do thisc and pull her pants off in a second and rolls over and spreads her legs like she expects me to give her oral sex. I've thought about this in real life and determined that if it ever was presented to me I probably couldn't go through with it although if somebody else wanted to go down on me I'm sure I wouldn't stop them lol. So she's looking at me and expects me to go down on her and I say I'm sorry I just can't do this and she was okay with it and in my mind I've actually faced that fear and so wouldn't be hesitant to say no if ever actually presented with the real thing. How many people get to go through that?