Fireworks & Mickey Mouse

Date: 6/15/2017

By DreamCarousel

I was walking with my family towards the gymnasium of my high school. I knew it was summertime, fireworks were being set off. We were helping with the set up for some grand finale. I see that there are a variety of sizes of small red rockets. They're not the usual tubes and little firework balls. We get to the gym and most of my male friends are there. The fireworks are inside the gym aimed at the ceiling, but the ceiling isn't there. I receive three firework rockets, but the event organizer doesn't give me enough time to set mine up. I bundle them up in my purse and walk off to the side to avoid sparks from the other fireworks to make them catch fire. They say it's almost inevitable to not be hit by the smaller rockets or the sparks. I avoid the area the fireworks are being set off from. When the event is over, I lose my family. They leave without me. I walk home by myself. I hear on the school PA system that two people need to report to the front office to confess who they are because they'd been seen running around in costumes that make them unidentifiable. I hurry home, and get to my room. I'm in my underwear and a shirt. I start to clean my room and I realize too late that my light is on and the window blinds to one window are wide open. I see in the house across the street a dirty black and white Mickey Mouse mask. The glint in his eye shifts as he notices me staring and eventually trying to pretend I don't see him. He starts to laugh and walk to my window. I hear my door shake and there's knocking on my bedroom door. A man is telling me to let him in. I look to the window and the Mickey Mouse man is there. He looks up my shirt and then looks around my room from the window. He says he likes my room. I'm still afraid of the man at the door, so I try to throw myself at the door to scare him and get my parents to wake up to help. I ask the Mickey Mouse man to help me by making noise outside my parents window. He agrees and at this point I dim the lights in my room. I am organizing my window and making it look nice, I see the Mickey Mouse man running away into the street. But he's not wearing the costume. He's bald and middle aged, short and stubby. I see it turns to morning now, and I see my step dad running outside and stopping in the driveway to scream "Come and f****** arrest me for all I f****** care!" It starts to rain as he goes back inside. The sky is a blue - pink hue. As the rain gets louder and the clouds roll in quickly I worry a tornado will destroy my window because I finally got it the way I wanted it.