Dragons exist-ed.

Date: 2/26/2017

By Kisaki

I was worried to go out of my house. I was not feeling confident. And then, we brought out two chickens out to feed them. But hours after, it started raining and we had to bring them back. So my bro went out to fetch them. But he couldn't so I went out. I was a bit far of the house, going to climb a little hill and he yelled from far, get in the house real quick. I did my best to run away. I arrived in extremis and we closed the little door. But soon, I realized that Fifteen was missing and I started to cry. The dragon was just above our heads, we built an extra roof in case of and it saved us from the dragon. I was thinking of my pet, tearful. My mother was filling the holes from below with us. The dragon couldn't eat nobody. We made a kind of warning sign in case of.