Mr. lucid part 2

Date: 2/28/2017

By nexus

so this dream started off like most, your basically in the middle of it instead of the beginning and all this crazy stuff happens and you just go along with it, it's not that you think it's real it's more of you don't really wonder if it's real because your just not conscious enough to even think about it but the scenery was i think i was in this farm house cuz there was a huge field and animals around, I was with my family mostly my cousin najee and some other people but I can't remember it all since i took so long to right it, but anyways I realise that I'm dreaming which sort of happens a lot now that I think about it so I'm in the dream and I wanna go somewhere else but I couldn't (well I didn't really even try) so than I go to my cousin najee and ask him how to leave and he wouldn't tell me but than he said he would train me which is a little ironic because he used to train me in real life so than I was learning how to control my body in this world cuz I was all unbalanced and wobbly and I started doing backflips and front flips which I guess is what I do in lucid dreams because that's the second time I do it lol after that I wake up so that sucked I think with a little more practice and attention I can get this thing down and master it.