first lucid dream ever

Date: 1/28/2017

By mdizzzzzzy

Looked into a mirror with my arms down by my side, and my reflection was me with my phone in my hand, looking through my camera. Mirror proceeds to warp in and out, and I realize I'm in a dream. First impulse was to shoot something from the palms of my hands. Look down at the palm of my hand and imagine a hole opening up. It first looks like an eyeball appearing in my palm. I try to blast something from my hands like in Dragonball Z, but nothing happens at first. Then I try with all my might to shoot something from my palm, and a marble sized energy ball shoots out like a bullet and destroys a wall I was looking at. Starting looking around and start running. First I imagined I was in a secret mission, and was running on the freeway at high speed towards downtown LA. I imagined guns in my hand and, voila, guns. Two sub-machine guns appear and I start shooting at...I think cars or something. I just start shooting. Transition into thinking I want a blowjob and so tried to imagine myself with some hottie alone, but for some reason I kept thinking about how this was a dream and that I wanted to wake up. Kept fighting this notion, but eventually opened my eyes, and was in my room....looked around while still laying down, and tried to close my eyes and force myself to dream again. Just felt paralyzed. Then I actually woke up.