Morph suit psycho

Date: 3/19/2017

By slavica

I don't quite remember the full extent of the dream, I just remember living in this odd house with a couple random people, some of the rooms were really in bad condition with exposed floorboards and mattresses instead of beds on the floor. The kitchen was downstairs with a window to the outside, and a back door. Every time I would go into the kitchen a creepy guy in a mask would appear at the window. Naturally this made me shit myself. One of the guys who was living in the house with me ran outside with a machete to chase this guy off, and he managed to rip his mask off and bring it inside. We would take turns to put the mask on to mess around and scare each other. I went outside with the mask on to put my face in the window to try to scare the guys, and I saw the weirdo return without his mask. He was wearing a green morph suit covering his entire body including his face. This freaked me the hell out and I ran inside, locked the door. The guy then stood at the window for a minute before disappearing. This kept happening over and over like it was on loop, and I woke myself up saying 'no! no! no! no!' in my sleep.