Riding the train

Date: 4/3/2019

By dollsteak1

I was on the train but I missed my stop. The train was high in the air. I got off at the next stop. The stop I wanted to get off at was possibly a casino. The one I did get off at was an enormous building of sorts. At this point I was with someone else who I trusted. We were trying to figure out where we parked. I knew I had parked on the west side of the building and the train was going north so we needed to head to the lot to the left of the tracks. I pulled out my device to orient myself and look at a map. I found myself with a luggage cart that one might find at the airport, but no luggage. This was the type of cart that one would pay a couple of dollars to use and then return for a couple of quarters. I was looking for a place to return said cart, but eventually decided just to leave it there upon the urging of my friend. I knew this was the wrong thing to do, but succumbed to perr pressure. Somehow I wound up in Robert "g" "beerman" Young's apartment bathroom. This was possibly a dream within a dream. The toilet was on the right upon entering and there was a curtain on the left side of the toilet. Behind the toilet was an entrance to the bedroom. I started to pee and mid stream I heard G enter the apartment through the front door, walk into the bedroom and eventually peer in on me.