Date: 8/22/2017

By wanda1316

I was at home and I suspected there were people there performing satanic rituals. The house was dark and eerie. I climbed the stairs knowing they were up there. But I got scared and ran back downstairs and out the back door. I called my dog. My plan was to call the police. This is when it hit me that the situation seemed odd. I suspected I might be in a dream, but it all felt so real. I decided to call 911 and if there were no answer or they weren't coming, I'd know I was dreaming. I often have dreams where the police are not reliable. So I dialed 911, but the police didn't answer. This would normally make me more stressed and anxious, but instead I knew I were asleep. To test it, I floated up in the air. The dream still frightened me but I decided it would be good for me to face my fears. So I flew to the place of the satanic worshippers. It turns out they were doing something different and they weren't as scary as I thought. It was still dark outside but some sunlight shined down around me so I was less afraid.