haunted room, making a fishing poll and changing gender.

Date: 7/6/2017

By pandiepie123

my first dream: my first dream was kinda scary I was sleeping in my bed room with my aunts,Missy and Kim. i woke up in the middle of the night and started freaking out because it was pitch black, and i heard stuff moving. when i woke up we were talking about how we heard strange noises,and seen shadows last night. second dream: I was trying to make a fishing poll out of a sitck,can, some string,and cloth,then my aunt took it and said i made it wrong, so she started making it for me. (this was a weird dream) last dream: for some reason I was a boy,trying to confess my feelings to a girl with blue hair (I think the girl was me,even tho I don't have blue hair,I just have a feeling) then I woke up