Crazy day at school

Date: 4/9/2019

By larrybestboi

I was in the schools wing in the middle of lunch and I was just skipping lunch. I walked futher down the hall. Tyler and Maddy where with me. I saw some stray kids members but I.N stood out to me the most with his braces. So I got a box of cupcakes and then started to listen to some Stray Kids songs with MADDY and Tyler. Then the members started to jump around with me and when that happened I got my cupcake smudge all around my face. The bell rang that and that meant we all had to go to class. But I had to clean the cake off my face so I went to the bathroom So walking down the hall and then I decided to do a volleyball slide. Mrs Conrey then walked down the hall and then I got written up. So I went to my other class, but needed to go to the bathroom. I went to a way different bathroom. It had no stalls, different kinds of sinks and toilets. There where people in the toilet senter. Thy where kind of debating and arguing about brittans and America, So I chimed in and then I was debating but brought North and South Korea into it. So I yelled a bit and then went to my other classes. I walked out and then noticed that I missed my class. I then saw Tyler try to walk into the girls bathroom. He saw some and then made a discussted face.