Rolled back eye, arguments, and steak party

Date: 7/31/2018

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was out and about with my boyfriend, we were walking down the street and i saw a fully naked lady sitting against a wall. At first i was going to cover my boyfriends eyes, but then i started staring at her, and felt sexually attracted to her. I snapped a picture of her secretly behind my boyfriends back to look at later. Then i was in a room, looking at the picture and getting turned on, then i went to the bathroom and washed my face, when i looked closely at the mirror i saw that i had beautiful large eyes but a tired worn out face. My boyfriend came in and was talking to me but i dont remember what was said. The dream shifted and my right eye started feeling funny so i rubbed it, when i looked in the mirror again i saw that it was completely white cos the eye had rolled back. I got worried and told my mom, she told me to tell my boyfriend the situation so i texted him and told him i was going to the doctor. If i lifted my eyelid, i could see a bit of my brown eye, but it was still too rolled back to completely see. It was like i was seeing into the back of my head, and i wasnt blind, i could still see clearly. Dream shifted and i was in my boyfriends house, his dad was there so i shut myself in his room. I started to ransack his closet and found a bunch of hentai posters and hentai manga. He came in and we started arguing. While he was arguing with me i kept eyeing the naked girl in the posters, which made him even more mad. Dream shifted and this time i was at a party with my schoolmate noah and luiz. There was a pool but i didnt swim. I got a small steak while i gave my friend a big large well cooked steak, then the dream ended.