Lots of Fandom References

Date: 1/31/2017

By Nepetas_Legion

It started off at school, where everyone was in the commons and me and three other people were parading around the upper floor cosplaying as RWBY characters. I was either Ruby or Weiss, but I'm not sure. Anyways, we were walking around singing RWBY songs with everyone and my voice sounded awesome af. Like I was belting higher than I've ever been able to before. When we got done, I changed into my pajamas (a tank top and sweats) and drove down to the mall to pick up a pair of shoes I had ordered from Hot Topic. When I got there, I realized that it had turned into some kind of haunted house with weird clowns were scaring kids, but for me it was pretty underwhelming and annoying cuz I couldn't find anything except for the "scary" rooms. Eventually I gave up and went back out to my car. I was driving home when suddenly I blacked out for a second, and when I woke up I was on the freeway, which is not the route I would take to get home. I got really confused and got off at the nearest exit, where the only building in sight was a Denny's restaurant. I saw my family eating lunch there, so I decided to join them. While I was eating, one of the employees came out and told me I had to work for them because they were low on employees, and I didn't look very busy. I was like wtf no I'm just trying to eat my lunch I don't want to work and he was like nope sorry you have to and dragged me to the back room where I was supposed to work. I grabbed a conveniently placed butter knife and tried to stab him with it while crying hysterically, but it was too blunt and didn't seem to hurt him at all. Then I sorta realized I was dreaming and just walked out. At that point I thought I had stopped dreaming, so I sat down at one of the tables and started writing what had just happened down on a couple ripped pieces of paper so I wouldn't forget it. I couldn't finish though cuz my family was waiting for me outside. When I went to join them, we were suddenly members of Voltron, and I was Pidge. We decided to go see this person who had a machine that could tell us more about ourselves. She had Shiro, Lance, and me get in these tube things that made us fall half asleep. Turns out the only thing it really told us was who was the most British (it was Shiro). We were all like sweet can we get out now and she said no and kept us trapped in there in our trance-like state while Keith and Hunk were panicking about how they'd get us out of there. I think she then broke our legs to keep us from escaping or something. However there was another prisoner who escaped even though her legs were broken. I think it was Aradia from Homestuck with some weird robot friend. Anyways she crawled out the window which led to the roof of my house, and whenever something hit her her gayness level would rise. I woke up when she fell off the roof onto a pile of snow.