illegal operation

Date: 8/16/2017

By oriondrums

in my dream i was in need of a job so i took an illegal one located in this large building on a tropical island with a lot of grand but dingy halls in it. my employer was like a shadier less funny version of chabuddy g. i was with buzz aaron and dean. for our training we were lead to this room that had a type of storage garage and we were told to follow orders as you're given and he pointed a gun at us. days later i brought my friend lz to the job to show her how shady it was and we walked in on dean and aaron holding big semi autos guarding the storage. lz thought it was funny how freaked out we were and started runnin around opening the storage unit which probably had drugs in it and openin this large door to the room that opened up the outside across the street from big windows at a supermarket. we were totally exposed and i thought if the boss found out we'd be dead