Recursive Dreams

Date: 2/4/2019

By QueueDues

Waiting for bus to go to water park. Takes ages to arrive. See a grey hound go last, like they have in America but with no windows. Looks very dystopian. Eventually we are at the water park, but the bus doesn't arrive the stop just ends up underwater and we're there. Guy running the buses is pretty inattentive I'm dreaming of Kingdom Hearts 3, I see Zeus giving up his godly power willingly to live amongst the humans and that's what lets Hades and the Titans take over. There are 3 boats all being pushed out from shore. One is a Transformer who changes to a jetty so he can swim. Wake up, I am the Hitman Agent 47, do several successful hits including one by a suburban pool. Go into this house for my next hit and while I'm in the room with my mission giver, someone notices me through the window and my cover is blown Wake up, at headland crescent with Erin and it's our home now. Feels like real life, wish I'd done my reality check. We roll around in bed having a good time for a bit. She leaves for work and asks me to buy her a dummy. I start playing the crash remake in the front room but begin to hear similar noises coming from the bedroom. She's invited her friend over and he's playing also, says he's staying round till they play DnD that evening. I go to work, guy brings up an indie game that's been burnt to an NES cart. Its got melted sugar on the insides and I try to clean it. I end up pulling it apart into many pieces. Wake up again and explain all my dream to Erin, while still dreaming! Then I wake up for real ~