autistic superhero

Date: 7/16/2017

By pheeniealexandra

So I was kinda watching this movie like it was a new marvel movie...and there was this autistic kid and he was in a home or a school like setting for the mentally disabled and he was learning to control his outbursts and act more normal in social situations. And then this other new kid came and has the same tendencies as the first kid used to have. So the first kid, who was played by Brad Pitt I'm pretty sure, Brad's character started reverting back with his new friend and losing progress but then he was like "no! I WANT to get better" so he tried helping this other kid instead and they worked together to be better. And Brad was into this girl named June and I'm pretty sure it was the other kid's sister. But anyway it was like years later and they both had a hardcore glow up. They lost their speech impediment, they both worked out and looked tan, they dressed nice and had nice hair, and they both stood up straight. You couldn't even tell that at one point they had crippling autism. So then the other kid, who was still a little behind in the glow up...braces & speech a little & he wasn't confident. But then Brad pulled his dick out and started telling the other kid about how this was powerful and you get girls to suck it and you have to be confident and believe in yourself. But then all of a sudden someone stabbed the other kid from behind and Brad screamed no. But it ended up being Brad and his skin broke and he turned all strong and apparently his extra chromosome mixed with his confidence and glow up caused him to become a mutant and his dick was like his power source? And then the movie ended. And then it was like those marvel previews at the end with three super girls but they were like anti heroes and were at someone's house looking for them, and then it changed again with a quick trailer for a pumpkin headed superhero.