Cesar coming over / playing cod

Date: 8/2/2017

By LegacyJM

I dreamed that I was at work with my dad and tío quiro and then my dad receives a call. He talks for a while and then hangs up, and then says "dans coming" and starts laughing. My tío quiro says "ya valió madre" and also starts laughing. Then I dreamed that we were outside my house about to go to work and then dan came and my dad and tío went somewhere without me. I was confused and sad because they just left me behind without telling me. Then cesar and his brother came and we started talking and I then went inside my house and cesar followed me, but his brother didn't enter because he seemed as if he was waiting for an invite to come in. I closed the door on him for a quick second and then realized what I did and opened it again. I told him he could come in if he wants and he came in. Supposedly they were my neighbors as well. I sat down on the couch along with cesar and his brother and I noticed that my house looked different. From what I can remember it was filled with lights and plants that made the place look really beautiful. We started talking and then we started playing cod. I was playing and it was very difficult to play. The gameplay was also different and I was playing multiplayer in nuke town using guns that seemed old, like from WW1 or WW2. I couldn't get any kills and then I think I finally got one or two. All of a sudden the game mode changed to zombies but we were still in the same map. I remember I got a lot of kills with one round and it said 14 kills in the leaderboards. Then I was running away and zombies were running towards me from the other way and I tried to jump through them but they cornered me and I died. Then we started talking again with cesar and his brother and he said that we should stay up all night and do shit like this more often. I said I would but I have work in the mornings and that I would be tired. I was thinking about it too and thought that it would be really cool since they were also my neighbors and if we needed anything we could just go next door to their house and get it. I think this is because my boss asked me the same day if I could work night shifts from 10 pm to 5 in the morning, and I responded with the same answer.