Chase scene

Date: 5/29/2019

By mangchan

Mony and I were having a friendly chase scene; something like we were popular and people were watching it on YouTube. We were chasing through many countries. We ended in Pennsylvania chasing and also were flying drones. At one point, I was picked at the end of the bridge by a helicopter. Mony’s drone was chasing me at this point and it flew close to me. So I had to push it and it was out of balance and fell into the river. I jumped into the river and saved as much pieces as I could. We got to the land trying to pieces them together, but there was one piece missing. There were couple frogs around us and one in my front pocket. I was scared by them and trying to get it out. Akira was there, too. The helicopter said he should be able to find the missing piece since the light is up but it should take up to 2 hours. He then runs to the river.