Computer virus

Date: 3/29/2019

By Lazy

Weesterner just uploaded a new video entitled “Baiting a mobile game sponsor” and the mobile game’s mascot literally gave me a nightmare. It was Christmas, and I got a bunch of cute little Rick and Morty key chains and stuff, everything was really nice but someone [i think my dad] got me this game that I needed to install. Nothing was inherently sketchy about the download, and it was a Christmas present, so I went for it. Their weird little rich guy mascot was installed right onto my computer but I hadn’t opened the game yet. I was trying to play Sims 4 when the whole thing closed and I got a weird notification saying their were holes in the rich guy game. The words in this notification started to break away in weird little hole shapes and the last thing I saw before my laptop flashed off was this stupid little rich man mascot. It had even moved to my phone. I tried asking my parents how to fix it and essentially they were like “bitch I got nothing.” Thankfully, my dog woke me up, laptop works fine and I’ll never have to see that man again 👌