Ghosts and Family

Date: 8/25/2017

By hokunoelani

I was with my cousin Lacey and Auntie Angie. I was also with someone else I can't remember but it was supposed to be family, it might have been my brother Dylan. We were inside an old museum for redskin Indians. But the museum was no longer functional because of the location being dangerous. I saw my first ghost sightings. The first one was a woman and I ran from her but she followed me. I screamed for my cousin but my screams didn't quite come out. She didn't seem scary or wanting to harm me but she wanted to communicate. She indicated that she wanted to speak to me through my body. I screamed and yelled no as she went inside. An instant burst of thoughts and feelings that were not my own came flooding in and dissipated as she left my body after a few minutes. Shortly after I saw another ghost, this time a man. I tried to yell for my cousin again but this time absolutely no sound was coming out and I was desperate to find someone real. I kept running until I finally found my Aunt Angie who I relayed what happened. She was calm and smiled as I assured her that I was not happy about this occurrence and didn't get why it happened now. She told me, you're a strong woman now and you are able to handle this. That is why it happened. My brother Kekoa was next to me and I asked if he had seen any ghosts, he said no. When he asked me, I said yes faintly but with purpose.