Guys love me and swati’s pregnant

Date: 8/14/2019

By latangelov3

I get into a taxi, and tell him to drop me home Swathi’s with me. On the way home, we make conversation and as we’re reaching, he asks if I want to go out for lunch. Swati says she’d go for lunch, and she adds that she has a boyfriend, I say I too have a boyfriend. He drops us to the gate of my Rt nagar house. Later were at The hospital, swati and I want to get a scan. She goes first, we see a small girl, wearing a t-shirt and a skirt with a Pearl necklace. And when swati presses down on her stomach, the girl moves. I exclaim, swati you’re going to have a daughter! After the scan , ladies around us start chattering, and I tell them to shut up because swati feels bad. Swati is thinking about how to split the costs with her boyfriend. The doctor calls us to his personal clinic which resembles a man pad with personal lockers, a tennis court etc . I could never get tested :( Later on the way home I tell my boyfriend and he thinks it’s because we did weed. I get a song rendition of the three of us, the song is ‘the hook up song’ I am played by Kareena kapoor who has surprisingly un-jiggly legs. Chinni is played by Akshay Khanna . Later I take out a letter sent by my ex Shaunak ,in which he writes to say he loves me and to give him a call some time. On the other side of the letter, I assume he’s written the same thing in binary. I never bother to convert. There are some calculations that I do on the back of the paper because I don’t care much for it. I was too busy thinking about Kareena Kapoor’s thick thighs. Extras which I don’t remember - Chinni is at his friend/brothers house also. My parents are having a gathering