Lost Details lol

Date: 5/9/2017

By LionFoot65

Im in the future I think and I find out that I can get on this flying boat to speed past my classmates in this cave that we're floating through. After that I experience the most important part of my Dream which I totally forgot lol. Then for some reason I get in this uber or something and we start waiting for something or someone and this blonde girl sits on the old fat drivers lap which is weird. As we're driving I hear the radio saying things about how the world 🌎 can be saved by talking about creating effective alternatives to government. Then Im suddenly in this room which I have never been to IRL and since it reminds me of fun summers I spent in art schools of Austin during my childhood, I express my gratitude for being there. Someone else comes into the room and tells me that Im leaving and I see my parents and brother waiting for me.