Regrets Galore

Date: 5/14/2017

By Fitful

I was working at hospitals, running them, like a CEO. I was offered a new position at at new hospital, it was a black tall building. But it was out in the middle of nowhere and it requires me to move in there, to that building. I felt it would cut me off from friends, family. I decided not to take it. Also which influenced my decision was the woman, a blonde, who hit on me while I was there interviewing. She was pretty but I was completely uninterested. She tried to kiss me, dove in for one, but I dodged it and left back to my old job. Later, much later after going through several jobs and hospitals, I ended up back there. The woman was much older now she showed her age. I ended up working there this time regretting not taking the job before. The woman still was attracted to me but ti was even less attracted to her now than I was before. ---- I was recalling a childhood time where I lived with my father John. In the dream, he and I lived in this tiny apartment and I had a ton of pets, prominently were a dinosaur, a long necked one, and a cat. I had a lot more, I knew because when it was dark and you viewed the room from the outside you could see through the walls and see the shadows of them all in a row on the dinosaurs back. However the dinosaur was so huge I couldn't reach the floor of the apartment, and he, John, wouldnt let me go down off the dinosaur to feed the other pets and care for them. The cat sat on the dinosaurs head and was fine but I was upset he wouldn't let me care for the other animals. Later I did see them, and they were fine, still alive despite not being fed. I was a little surprised. ----- I was in the city, sitting at an outdoor table with friends eating. I had a date and my friends were there when he showed up and sat down. We'd all been eating little odd interesting stuff I had made which tasted good and unique and was all vegan, although I don't think i used that word to describe the concept. He munched on a sweet bread I had made, which was like popcorn for some reason, and well he munched on everything there. I, however, could only eat two things for some reason so I ate the sweet bread and some chips. After a while we left our friends and walked around but the date didn't really happen. We couldn't find a Chinese restaurant I had wanted to go to, and he let me go home because I was down about it finding it.