delivering a package.

Date: 4/23/2017

By kim336

I vaguely remember how it started but I ended up going inside a store that I knew. inside, I saw my 2 Cousin. Chi and vuong. they were preparing to deliver something to a place and they sent me with my cousin vuong to a school to deliver a package since we both still look we grabbed our backpack and left the door. somehow we already ended at the school. eventually he disappeared and I ended up blended in with everyone and I couldn't find my cousin anymore. fast forward, I ended up In a room and I met Jonathan, my crush back in high school. He recognized me right away and I left, but he found me easily and started getting close to me and talked to me in his low very sexy voice. I started blushing which made me calm and very happy. eventually I ended up clinging on to him and he felt so warm and I felt so comfortable.... and then I woke up.