don’t look at hobos

Date: 6/24/2019

By jvhx2

i was walking around and saw a cute black cat and just wanted to take pics of it. before that i was freestyle singing a song w a dude somewhere and another girl who got jealous bc of the lyrics and pushed me out. a hobo w a sign and a cup kept asking for money. i stared at him and was like should i? and then was like na and he kept walking towards me and i got scared so i grabbed my keys and started running home. the hobo was saying i wouldn’t make it and followed behind. i made it home upstairs and locked the upstairs door and restroom door. i yell at my mom and she comes and i tell her asap and call the cops panicking and they get on their way. then my dad asks what happened so i tell him and then he gets mad and tried to lecture me about why i shouldn’t go out at night or look at hobos. all of a sudden the hobo gets in the room while i remember about my bro in the other room. i worry so i’m trying to call him. just as i’m calling i c the hobo take a gun out. (how does a hobo even have a gun) and he like who should go first and i was like AAAAAAAAH! and he shoot dad right under his armpit and i’m like nooooooooo! then he aims at mom and i was like can she pick where at least? the hobo doesn’t listen and quickly aims down and shoots at her toes so i was like phew but then he comes for me and was like you’re next. and i was like ah shit here we go again EEEEEEK and he was like imma shoot u where this bandage is on my head and misses my head twice and was like u know what, imma get the heart. all while this happens i’m in shock and in real life i’m trying to wake up and move my hand to my chest to cover my heart as the hobo in my dream is about to pull the trigger. irl idk why but i can’t move my hands so my body kept shaking crazy and then i woke up like oh it was just a dream.