Murder and a Fantasy Adventure?

Date: 9/29/2019

By StarGoblyn

I was attending a school assembly. A kid with dark hair next to me had a stapler and shot it. A kid on stage received a staple to the head and died. The kid then threatened me with the stapler, placing it to my head. The kid then left. A little bit later, this older kid, probably 17-18 years old, wearing a red shirt, came up to me and starting whispering plans to kill the dark-haired kid in the showers. The older dude left and I was filled with fear. School ended and most kids went home, unless they had after school activities. I followed the older kid through town and spied on him. I watched him go home and change into a black shirt. He then rode on a bike with a bunch of guys back towards the school. I ran back to school and tried to warn a teacher. It took awhile to convince him of the gravity of the situation. Me and a bunch of teachers proceeded to the bathrooms —This is when things start to turn fantasy— We walk into the bathroom and the older kid is there with a bunch of other guys and they have swords. A battle breaks out. Things start to turn for the worse so I run away. As I’m running through the school, I realize that the school was transformed into a beautiful but old castle. I am followed by a few girls my age who I assume are my friends. We come into this chamber which was small but had a high ceiling and grey brick walls. The room was dark but sunlight was pouring through the window. We looked to a table and found a bunch of items. One such item was a book. The book described a queen with dark skin that ruled over the castle but went missing after the castle was taken over by goblins, trolls and the like. There were also very beautiful keys on the table. One opened a lockbox on the table. I don’t remember what was inside but I’m pretty sure it helped us on our journey. A second key transformed into a cool weapon. I gave the weapon to one of my friends. A third key with purple details we did not know what it went to. We then realized that this castle was filled with goblins as we heard noises down the hall. We fought through them and continued on our journey. We reached a room with more people who were fighting goblins. However, me and my friends were dropped into a pit of trolls, which were a darker green and larger. We barely fought them off and climbed out of the pit. We reached a place that had a lady that resembled a fairy godmother. We were with a bunch of kids and students taking shelter. Suddenly, a bunch of the kids started running out of the building. One told us that a few of the older kids started to take out weapons. We assumed it was the older kids from earlier. The godmother gasped and we all ran out away from them. We kept running and I watched them stand in the doorway, staring at us, disappearing into fog...I never learned if the dark-haired boy was killed or not.