Too Much Calcium

Date: 5/16/2019

By mynights

Walked into the back bedroom at my Nan's house. It was set up like when I was little, with a cot and change table. On top of the change table were two crazy looking mangey white rabbits. They were so unkept though that their fur was a more of a dirty yellow. They were alive but seemed to be frozen in time - their mouths wide open, bearing huge, yellow sabertooth tiger like teeth. I was mortified and immediately felt the need to tell my Nan. I turned around to find her standing behind me. Trying to sound casual yet really wanting her to get the hint, I said something along the lines of how rabbits need to have regular check ups at the vet, as well as they need hard things to chew on as their teeth can grow too big. Suddenly Nan got on the defensive. I can't remember everything but I remember her being very proud of how big the rabbits teeth had grown... how they were now so big and strong, like she had gone out of her way to grow them like that. Taken back by my Nan's attitude and not wanting to offend her, I tried to act like I was admiring the rabbits by saying... "God yeah you're right! They're huge... Wow ... That's so impressive, they must be full of calcium!!"