School Exam about Bully and going through a super dangerous neighbor

Date: 3/8/2017

By richilye

I was at some school, in a classroom at the 2nd floor, we were supposed to have a test about something. The teacher went and gave people their tests and a response sheet( the one in which you mark the alternatives you marked on your test, I forgot it's name), the test was a multiple choice exam, ranging from A to D, I don't remember if E was included. In mine the first 2 questions were answered already, the 1st was "A" and the 2nd was "B", or maybe it was the opposite, I can't remember properly. The teacher picked my test for a bit and tried to censor the answers, so I could give my own, but those 2 apparently were right. It was a test about "Bully" (not actual bully, but the game Bully), I believe it was the 3rd question, and it said "What's the name of the kid hanging out with Eunice during _____?" (I put a blank there, because I don't remember). Apparently I had played the game the day before the test and was trying to remember it. It wasn't the usual bully game, it seemed like as it was after they left school or were on college. A riot was going on the city, I still control Jimmy Hopkins, I climbed to the top of a building and saw Eunice with some boy, I was trying to remember his name, but couldn't. The game then tells me that I can "Glide" to scare people, so I glide down to try and scare Eunice away and find out the boy's name, then the boy was the one who got scared and ran away. Jimmy then says something to Eunice and they "make out"... I try running away so she doesn't follow him, then I was at some bridge and Mandy was there (The mean cheerleader one), I went to talk to her, I held L1 to open the actions menu and on the bottom it said "Proposal!❤️", on the right it was still the action to push her away. I was wondering what proposal did, as I have never seem it before, then apparently they were gonna marry, she kinda of asked me if I kissed someone before, I thought Eunice is name was gonna be in there, but there was only Beatrice and another girl who I don't remember the name. So I chose Beatrice, (Beatrice is the nerdy girl on the game), the Mandy kisses Jimmy and she gets herpes, because Beatrice gave herpes to jimmy first................... I was like: WTF. Then I turned the game off. At the end I didn't answer the test, time ended and then... Scene Change. I was eating at the cafeteria on the school, I don't remember what I ate, then the attendant said, you almost forgot your change, then she handed me my change, I can't remember how much it was, I said: "You could have kept it". Afterwards, I was helping a girl (Short Brown hair, looked like one of the girls in my last dream, the "ship" one) collect cans and recyclable stuff to sell. Most people were willing to help, then we arrived at some dangerous neighborhood; There were shots being fired everywhere, bullets flying all over the place, and people there didn't wanna help us, then we started running, I took the path with most cover and went through a demolished house, while the girl took n alternative path. We ended up in the same place, in front of a restaurant in that dangerous area, I saw her and went running to give her my bag with the cans, we pass each other and she goes running out, I run inside the restaurant and buy some food, while worried if the girl was gonna make it out. I then run out of the restaurant and go for the exit as well, apparently the girl made it out, so I was a bit more calm. It was getting dark, and there were still lots of bullets flying around, I make it downtown, and it was safe there, more or less, and as I got there, night came, streets were illuminated by the moon and lights of the stores. AS I was walking down the street a girl approached me from behind, it was the girl from the restaurant (She was tall and was wearing black clothes and had black hair, possible light brown eyes), she chased me all the way down, and said "You forgot your change", then she handed me exactly $1.75,I got super worried she had to came all the way just for it, and then that she would have to go back through that dangerous area, I also gotta super pissed at myself for making she go through all that trouble just for $1.75, I also got glad that she was honest. I said "Thanks, but you could have kept it, it's dangerous there", she said it was "ok", I then took the chance and asked if she knew the area, she said "You can go through the tunnel, there will be a residential area, you should be safe there", I thanked her, she turned around and waved goodbye and started to run back. I made it through the tunnel and was in the Residential area, it was super dark, the buildings were making shadows, just some paths of the street were lighten up by the moon, I saw a house and heard my cousin's voice, I then remembered that this house I saw in a dream years ago (which I did actually). There was only fences around the gate, the rest was a tiny wall in which anyone could jump over, she had 3 dogs inside, which wouldn't jump the wall. I thought about jumping the wall and going inside, but i decided to call her, then she heard me and asked who was it, then I said "It's me!". My aunt who was taking a shower heard, and asked "Is it Richilye?", then I said "Yaa", she asked me if I wanted to go inside, then I said yes, and she said, "Camp in there for a while", 'cos she was gonna take a while to finish her shower and open the gate. I kept playing with the dogs meanwhile I waited. Got woken up...