Dream Entry no. 2

Date: 9/15/2019

By Loretta

Walking down a busy street. Car horns, smoke, the sound of forks and spoons scratching plates. People laughing talking. I realized I'm in a restaurant. I knew I was waiting for someone, someone from the past. I met her outside of the restaurant but it seemed like I was avoiding her once I saw her. She talked about papers and money and photos. Mind you that this person, we weren't even close, we don't even talk now. All of a sudden, I'm in a stadium with this girl, we're seated at an upper bunk of this stadium. I saw a familiar face, forgotten name. Fat, unhealthy bastard if I have to say. He approached us with that enthusiastic voice I knew. "Hey, how are you?" I don't remember answering but all of a sudden I found us in a dire situation. This guy is dangling from an unstable structure and I watch him as he struggle to put himself on a steady ground. He was nowhere close to a ground at all. I remember thinking don't make any unecessary moves because I can hear groans and cries from this structure like it was about to give up in any minute. Before I could pull him in, he fell down. That unified scream from the crowd was heard and echoed. It was quiet for a second or two. Then I heard a laugh from below. It was him. He's alive. I quickly climbed down this structure I couldn't explain without a struggle. I'm underweight and small by the way. I saw him with people trying to help him. "Are you okay?" I asked. Then we walked towards a classroom(?) At a distant, I could see little kids crowding the entrance to this room. I can hear children laughing, an adult trying to hush them. (I don't remember much about this) but I do know that the girl I was to meet earlier was there in the room with me. Suddenly, I was commuting with very familiar faces, riding to I don't really know. We were shoulders to shoulders, crowded but silent. I looked to my left, that girl again. She signaled me to look further to the left. A guy, I think he was a batchmate of mine in highschool. He looked at me and smiled a smile of recogntion A not so smooth transition here but all of a sudden, I met two college batchmates. They were walking at looking at the buildings around, maybe they're looking for a room or something. I wasn't planning on talking to them but they saw me. They approached me (they were a couple in college) the looked like an 80's rock star with all the eyeliner and weird v neck shirt, tight leather pants and weird spikey hairdo. What the f*ck happened to this guy? I know it's all in my head