Chased and Hacked

Date: 2/12/2017

By galaxydun

So I had two dreams yesterday. The first one was about my instagram being hacked and the other one was about me being chased. So the first dream, I was hacked. Someone went on my phone and they DM'd Nicki Minaj saying a whole bunch of weird things. We eventually met when I was with a group of friends and she asked who did this. Then some girl said that she had the same shirt as her on. Someone from our group said that it was her because she had the same exact shirt on and she started to cry. I wrote on the message box that I was sorry and that I shouldn't've left my phone open to anyone. I gave my phone to her and she said "Aw, thank you" and she gave me a hug. That's basically where it all ended. The second dream was about me and some other man with a dog. I have never seen this man before, but the dog was one of my first dogs I've ever owned. So we were swimming in a swimming pool and an alligator suddenly just jumped in. The pool ripped and we ran out as fast as we could. Then a bear started chasing us. I tried to run as fast as I could, but I just couldn't. I was running very slow. I remembered that when you are covered in water, or if the bear is covered in water, the bear starts to run faster. For some reason, the man threw a bucket lf water at the bear and it got really angry. Then, it started running faster. The man and I found an unlocked house and we hid in there. That's where it all ended.