Traveling in China

Date: 5/4/2019

By jaysun

Traveling around China, went to several different places/houses At a certain point looked down from a tall residential building we were in (someone’s apartment) and there was a dog with a panda helmet chasing some girls around Had to catch a flight at 6 something, we were playing basketball so we had to finish up at 4 The basketball court was on this long garden-y area with a clay waking area and bushes in between Went to airport. It was a special airport that housed some unique vehicles, like these cars that looked like regular cars, but twice as big and cartoony, balloony with rounded edges They were all parked in descending size order My mom told us she thought we’d be flying in one of those but actually not, our terminal was still farther away We walked further and further and crossed some roads, it wasn’t like we were at an airport at all and most of it was outside Then we finally stopped inside and there was a nice lounge like area that had tea, coffee, and some snacks. I showed M (who was with us for some reason) that they had honey buns, which in a previous conversation nobody knew was. I grabbed one for the rod Through the next door was security. They looked like they were having fun The one lady asked me about my trip, what I was doing in China, and how to spell Kazakhstan 🇰🇿. She then asked me a final question like how do you say “Koreatown” in Chinese and I said 和国京 which I thought had a chance of being right but she told me that wasn’t right. I panicked for a second because 1) I thought she was serious and 2) it was close to 6 and the rest of my family was ahead already and I didn’t know how much further we had to go. I was like “cmon...” and she said she was just joking and let me through. I joined my family and we left, me still not knowing how much further we had to go.