Date: 7/31/2017

By megan_1213

I had a dream that there was a really bad storm coming but I didn't think of it as a tornado but when I walked outside to get the mail I saw a huge funnel cloud touch town about 15miles away. I ran inside and started yelling about the tornado I grabbed the dogs and started putting them in our safe spot in the house. As I was doing this my mom said since she's been in the satiation before she wouldn't think a tornado that far away would come towards us. Her words are always reassuring but this time the didn't sit right with me. About 10 mins later I went to the window and saw that it had gotten closer. I yelled for my mom and she ran and saw after that she yelled for my dad to load things in the closet (safe spot). I grabbed all the dogs and ran to put them in the closet and grabbed my pc,Xbox,clothes and what ever I could for in the closet and went inside with my family. The dream cut off before anything else happened though and I'm glad it did. Tornados are my one true fear I haven't thought about them so I don't know why I would have a dream about one out of the blue.