The Heartwarming Story of a Dysfunctional Young Family

Date: 3/12/2019

By cnovas

I woke up from a strange dream about a dysfunctional family that played out like a story or movie, with a beginning, middle, and end. I wanted to describe it here so I can use it for writing inspiration and creating complex characters. Basically, there were these twin girls who were born with some sort of autoimmune/muscle disease where they couldn't walk and had to live their life in wheelchairs. They had an older sister who took care of them because their mom left when they were born, unwilling to take on the responsibility of two disabled children. The dad is kind of a deadbeat, like he supports the family financially but he's not around enough, drinks too much, and doesn't really do much to help take care of the twins. They live in poverty due to medical bills. The older sister was in high school and got good grades, but had to drop out to take care of her sick sisters. One of the twins comes close to dying at some point due to some health complications, but things take a better turn when the older sister meets a homeless orphan teenage boy around her age while taking the twins out for some fresh air at their local park, something they don't get to do very often. The homeless boy has seen the older sister around their city before, always with and taking care of her sick sisters, and is empathetic towards her situation as he had to take care of his dying single mother as a child while also living in poverty. After she died he ended up in a wealthy foster home but he couldn't accept being placed into a family dynamic so very different from what he grew up in, and chose to run away and live on the streets. When he sees the older sister struggling to help one of the sisters into a wheelchair accessible swing set, he is reminded of his mother and steps in to offer help. She accepts his help and he spends the rest of the afternoon with her and the twins, and they exchange stories about their lives and misfortunes. They are grateful to have someone to talk to and share their experiences with, as life has been harsh and lonely for the both of them. They agree to meet again at the park and soon become friends, and eventually lovers. The boy comes to live with the sisters and they become a little family of their own. He finds a dishwashing restaurant job to help support the family while the older sister works on her GED at home, and they slowly but surely bring progress into their lives. The dream ends with a skip some few years into the future, the boy and eldest sister married and both went on to complete their GED, he has been promoted at his restaurant job and is now the general manager. The older sister has taken on a serving job at the same restaurant and is saving for nursing school. The twins are happy and thriving, and are excited for their first upcoming trip to Disneyworld.