School :/

Date: 12/27/2016

By lilygraz

So basically I just had a dream where I was in the wrong class. I wasn't in like some panicky mode though. I was just kind of like "oh haha i wonder why I'm in this class" I didn't realize this until the end of the class though. One time someone told me that everybody in your dreams represents something. The only people I remember are my crush, one of my best friends who is actually usually in that class, this one kid who went to my elementary school which I have no idea if he represents anything he was just there. Also we were wearing safety glasses like we usually wear in shop class. The teacher I thought was my regular science but it turned out to be one of the seventh grade teachers I didn't have. Also in my dream was my sixth grade teacher who probably made a big influence on me through habits and schoolwork. Other than that, I honestly have no idea why i dreamt about going into the wrong class.