naomi /hoco

Date: 7/23/2019

By vanesamartin

don’t remember much but i let naomi use my phone and i saw she was typing something and without hesitation i took ye phone away and saw she was texting braden and it said “you know josiah ?” and he responds yes and before she could say much else she facetimes him and i snatch the phone away and he answers so i have to say hi but i got to go , but she was mad at me for some reason so i kicked her out and left and i unfollowed her on everything but she would still text me , i then went to aasy minute spain trip with my school to get away and i didn’t have any close friends w me but i would still y’all and socialize and all of a sudden i see my friend carley gwt outbof a bus wnd i’m so excited to see her but she doesn’t seem happy to see me i y’all omg carley you’re here !!! and she’s go ya i was supposed to be on this trip for awhile and i’m like i’m so happy you’re here non of my close friends are here , but i meant she being a close friend of mine was here , and she stepped away and took a seat far away . anyways ppl are posing for pictures at this nice sunset area and i’m trying to get a picture i meet this girl who’s sitting next to me and we make small talk . HOCO - i’m supposed to be going to a hoco at ridge and i’m w some ppl (family i think) and they’re already in the very front of the moshpit and i love the moshpit and all of a sudden i heat pitbulls somg holiday inn and i realize he’s performing live so i literally run to th every front and squish and see the people that i’m w are taking selfie videos of pitbull singing the song so i grab my phone and do the same and i get a good 20 second ish video of him seeing holiday innn , then the ppl i’m w leave and say the only wanted one song , so i follow but i have to use the bathroom and i end up at sams house i use the bathroom upstairs and i eavsdrop downstairs bc i beat other ppl and they’re talking about kidnapping me and stuff like that i run into some random room lock in and i try to unlock the window and move the curtains i struggle for some time the window lock is a weird type of window lock i’ve never seen before , it’s like a knob / how u time up and down the volume in a car but stiffer/and i struggle unlocking it i finally open it and i put the window back how it supposed to be and now i’m on the roof and i say i’m gonna break something if i cal from here so i attempt to shimmy my way off the roof and then i wake up before i even jump or anything .