Poor Doggy

Date: 2/2/2019

By Colter

Last night I dreamt about being in some form of a clean house and my dog a black German Shepherd was there and I start playing with him and I think it got a bit rough because he bit me so I grabbed this plastic tube and shoved it in his mouth and then I grabbed a lamp that for some reason I knew had wax in it and I smashed it on the tube so it would flow down it, I do remember that for some reason that he made a human scream so I was not really effected by it. So I continued trying to get a grip on his neck but he kept getting out, and I finally got a hold that felt right and I crushed his neck on my chest, and when my parents came in I told them he got hot wax on me, and they were okay with it. Then I woke up. Btw no dogs in real life were harmed I gave my attention when I woke up