The Bottomless Pit

Date: 7/24/2017

By jrutge43

The dream begins with Edmund Pevensie, the youngest brother in the Chronicles of Narnia trilogy, and I riding a brown horse into a large museum. In this dream, Edmund is my brother. The museum is only one gigantic, empty room. There is nothing inside the museum besides a large, square abyss bordered by those red, velvet ropes you see in movie theaters. The pit is perfectly symmetrical and sleek. The sides of the pit are smooth and made of white plastic. There is a single plaque on a podium that reads, "Bottomless Pit". Of course, at the sight of this giant hole in the ground, the horse begins to run and evidently leaps into the pit. Luckily, there was a sturdy tree branch protruding from one of the sides of the abyss. The horse, somehow with one of its front hooves, grabbed onto the branch. As Edmund and I fell off the horse's back, Edmund grabbed onto the horse's back foot, and I grabbed onto Edmund's foot. Unfortunately, the horse couldn't hang on any longer and we fell down the endless pit. Although, suddenly, it wasn't endless! As the horse passed by Edmund and I in the air, it landed perfectly on all four legs. Then Edmund landed perfectly on the front of the horse's back, and I followed Edmund, landing perfectly behind Edmund, also on the horse's back. As we looked forward towards the side of the pit, a large gaping tunnel appeared, and the horse ran off. Though as we were galloping, my wallet flew out of my pocket and we had to turn around and pick it back up. But then we were off running again! We soon found a large mine with mine rails escaping in every direction. Suddenly, a large group of trolls flew by on a mine cart and grabbed Edmund. The horse and I knew we had to save Edmund, so we were off again! We chased the trolls down the mine rails going at unfathomable speeds. The mine rails were twisting and turning, going up and down; more like a rollercoaster than a mine rail. Sadly, we lost the trolls, but we continued to look for Edmund. Fortunately, we stumbled upon Edmund, but he was tied up against a large rotisserie contraption. There was a large fire burning directly below him, slowly cooking him, yet he was still alive and seemed happy & unharmed. The trolls were using a manual crank to spin Edmund around on the rotisserie contraption. Then I woke up.