You Sure You're Catholic??

Date: 2/2/2017

By melsoup

it started off with my friend Meagan and my cousin Jacob. we were driving around trying to find something to do. we decided to go to the movies. we bought a ticket and were waiting for the movie to start in the lobby. we start walking around and this person comes out of the room and the door is slowly closing and Jacob decided it would be a good idea if we went in. so we go inside and look at the tables and cameras on the table and we were questioning what is going on. when everyone walks back in and takes seats so Jacob sits down in a chair at the table. Meagan and I rush to the back so we aren't completely noticed and stand trying to look casual and like we belong there. it was a Q & A and they were asking the guy at the front some things. everyone would have a turn so I was trying to think of a question and Jacob got picked on and played it off super cool. another lady got picked on and she clearly struggled. then this lady in the front row was asking him questions about religion so I decided mine would be a "how strong is your faith, and what has made you to believe" I found out he was catholic and then the lady started getting upset and she left the room. the guy shortly followed and we were like woah, we are doing great for not being noticed. and then the lady at the front who was sitting beside the guy looked panic and she got up and rushed to the door and outside. a couple others left and Jacob was bragging that he didn't know shit and acted like a natural. some people decided to come back and were shaking their heads and we asked what happened. a guy told us that the guy at the front being questioned hit the lady that got upset because of the religious questions. and I said wow, he's probably going to say that God made him do it. and the guy said it wouldn't be the first he said that. he's done that multiple times to other woman and has gotten away with it. which is why we are trying to lock him up cause he's a psychopath. everyone walks into the room. and the lady at the front who got hit never comes back.