Nightmare #1

Date: 6/7/2017

By Halleruejah

I was in my 10th grade classroom, with my old english teacher, and my classmates were the staff members from The Office. Dwight had a wall of stuff he sold, like snacks and such. I was looking at a can or something and asled my english teacher to play a video of one of The Office members doing something. We saw that one of them commited a crime. So I took a slide to my dad's house through the wall of Dwight's shop. At my dad's I was with Oscar from The Office and we "ordered" a cop to catch the criminal which had then developed to a group that was stayig in my house. The cop showed up in a bus and it was the security officer, also from The Office. He told me to call for Ernesto, which has happened in a dream before, and to trick him into the officer's cuffs. So I call for him and when he sees the cop he runs away to my dad's room but I catch him and the cop puts him in the bus. As I am waiting in the laundry room looking out of the garage, which is open and it's night. A man drives up in our driveway, very angry and he pulls a shotgun out of his car. He is yelling like I did something wrong and I look to the cop asking what to do and he says not to do anything. I assume he is going to shoot the man. I run to my room which is right next to my brother's. My brother walks out of his room and I'm whispering his name trying to make him go back to his room but the man with the shotgun now has a large group of people including the officer and they come around the corner into the hallway and shoot my brother. I close my door but they see me and they start trying push in. I then realize I'm in a nightmare and he will probably shoot me and I force myself awake.