Violent Desert and Becoming Percy Jackson

Date: 3/1/2017

By LionFoot65

I had a dream that I was in the desert of Arizona but it had a lot of violence like the Middle East. I remember there was this one guy asking me for acid so I gave him a tab for $10. It turned out that he wanted more when he asked what I had done with my seven tabs (as if I owed him something) after one of my friends who pretty much betrayed me by telling him that I still had seven. In the next scene, I decided to leave my house which was still in The Arizona desert and (I think I was riding my bike too) going up this one road as I was watching the moon which looked really beautiful but it was shifting and shimmering from its position. After a short while I saw that this pretty big meteor was about to strike the city. Right after that I saw this 12 year old girl talking to her little sister and I pointed out that there was a pretty big meteor that was about to hit the city. Initially I think they brushed it off as it was nothing but as it was crashing down on the city, I noticed that it started sending shockwaves so I told the girls to hang on tight. As we were laying down and beginning to feel the shock waves, the little sister began to cry and her older sister looked really worried. I smiled reassuringly to both of them as we began to really feel the earth quake with force. Then I saw a zoomed in version of people getting crushed by the cars (that were gonna fall on us from the top of the mountain) and buses and we all of a sudden on a bridge on top of water instead of on a mountain. I had to yell at the girls to stop moving toward a car but they didn't listen so the bridge ended up breaking where they were and they ended up falling to their inevitable death. My dream character started yelling "Noooooo!!" But a part of my mind somehow suspected that these were just dumb dream characters who were dying without becoming lucid. I ended up angrily diving into the water where I reincarnated or something as Percy Jackson lol by turning this Jade Scroll from Kung Fu Panda 3 into a water trident. I then saw my enemy (The guy who wanted acid from me) and we started fighting but we somehow ended up in this white room with no doors where me (Percy Jackson) and Anabeth were fighting our enemy which I will call Luke. As we were fighting, Luke shape shifted a part of his body into the tail of an orange scorpion which he stabbed me with. When he stabbed me I knew that I only had a few minutes to live but I nevertheless pretended that I was in trouble by gasping "Oh no!" That made Luke smugly smile in victory but then I surprised him by hitting him in the balls after which I grabbed his scorpion tail, stabbed him in the hand and sucked the antidote from it all in one motion. When he realized in shock what had happened, I knocked him out, magically turned him into fish and fries, which me, Anabeth, and this other guy named dave ate him. As we were eating the delicious fish and fries, I impulsively rubbed my hand on the inside of Anabeth's thigh for a while. When I was about to take it off, she grabbed my hand so that I could leave it there. I smiled smugly thinking I was getting more pussy that the real Percy Jackson lol. We never ended up fucking though because there were a lot people when we went back to my house. At my house, my friend Octavius was there for some reason and we started sharing our awesome experiences on acid. Someone decided to leave packs of gum there so I took a mint one while we were talking. I then noticed that there was also vanilla gum so I popped it in my mouth as well. When I realized they didn't taste good at all together, I spit it out and tried the vanilla gum by itself which tasted absolutely delicious. When I went to the living room, my dad asked me if there was a way to lucid dream without taking psychedelics and I told him that there are certain dream supplements that he buy on Amazon that he could buy without "ever ever ever ever ever getting arrested." lmaoo