Fast Travel sucks, Bullying Carusu and waifu nearly got shot.

Date: 2/5/2017

By richilye

It was after midnight, I was in the car with my dad, I was in the back seat, the car was a 4x4, (I don't know the model). He decided to drive to somewhere for some reason, then He stoped near the Highroad, he left and went to where he was before, some time passed and I thought about driving the car to where he was, then I thought about using the fast travel method (like in games, open a map and click a spot), I thought it would make me drive well, since I don't know how to drive. I gave up on the icar, then aguywas passing nearby the car, I locked all the doors and closed the windows, he knocked on the window, and I pretented I wasn't there. (Also, he couldn't see me, since the windows are black tinted and it was dark because it was around 3 or 4 am) Then my dad arrived and talked to him for a bit, then my dad got inside the car, and I asked him what the guy wanted... I don't remember what he said, but wasn't important. Then my dad was gonna drive back, and he found out about the fast travel and decided to use it, I asked if he knew how it worked and he said "It's like you're sleeping, you won't remember a thing of the trip", I had a feeling that we would actually fall asleep. Then, he did it, he fell asleep and started driving, he drove well until the middle of the highroad, then he fell to the side, since his body was probably numb, his hands fell from the steering wheel, but his hands were still trying to steer while in mid air. I tried steering the car while trying to put him back up, but my hands didn't reach it well, so I just put him back up, but then he started driving off road, I think his movements got unsynced from the actual situation, then I tried waking him up. After I did so, he decided to drive normally and I told him he looked like a zombie while driving. I got scared of fast travelling, even while walking, 'cause I didn't want to walk at random while sleeping. We arrived and I went to sleep, inside the car, 'cos we were back at the center of the city. I started dreaming about a MMORPG that I usually dream, I was in a quest, in fact, I think i'm in the same quest fot 3 consecutive dreams right now. (I don't remember much what happened, just some random battles with some mobs, I'llexplain better about these RPG dreams in the "Thoughts" section.) Morning came, someone wake me up knocking on the door, it was... CIRNO and 1 or 2 other girls, I don't really remember how they looked like. I let them in, and they sat on the back seat, Cirno sat close to me, we talked for a while, then Carusu appeared near the door (you know, the guy from everybody hates Chris), then he said somethings and tried to bully me, I opened the dor slighty, then he tried to throw a screwd up pieice of cardbox inside at me (i'll say screwed up, 'cos I forgotthe proper word), he missed and hit the door, the thing fell and I quickly picked it up, it looked like a piece of a orange juice's box. I opened the door and threw it at him, I didn't even put force at it, since he was right in front of me. Ithit his head, more accuretery, his hair, it made a knocking sound, then he started crying alot, ten we all burst into laugh, I even showed them how weaky i threw it at him. Then he started to call someone. We thought about bulçying his friends too, it seemed ok, since they are bully themselves, so it's like a payback for other people. (Cirno was kinda of always being like that, bullying the bullies, I don't remember in which game or manga it was show.) His friends arrived, there were 2 somewhat tall guys, then I said "They're here,Who is going to do it?", then Cirno said "I'm on it", then she went to the door and I sat down, she slightly opened the door and then... the guy quickly pointed a gun at her face... Things went in slow motion for me as I got desperated that he would shoot, I pushed his hand away from her face, He didn't saw my hand coming, I think that's why he didn't shoot, he didn't shoot later too. I openned the door and asked WTF, then I asked if there wasn't another way for us to solve this, then he said maybe after he punch us, then I said to think for another way. He said that he would take our stuff then, he forgot his gun on the floor of the rear seat, I then locked the door. I thought we were safe, but then I forgot to lock the right front door, he openned it and started taking the things. I openned the back door as soon as he found a fake gun at the front seat, then he said "hey, I got a new gun" and pointed at me, I then told him that the gun had no ammo, I picked his gun up and pointed at him and said "now, this one has", he dropped the other gun and went to rob a car nearby, it's a big car, like a van, but is used to transport resources. I picked the other gun up and took a look at it, for some reason it had a camera on it. Btw, His gun was a Revolver, the gun on the front seat was a normal Pistol with a 9 - 12 bullets mag. I left the car and left one of the guns there, I told Cirno to stay inside and lock everything, I then went after the guy, we ran for around 2 blocks, then I lost him, and I was lost too, I tried finding the way back to the car, then in my way back I saw a copchasing someone, probably that guy is friend, I kept going and there was a police trucked parked nearby, it was probably SWAT, I was running and stumbled upon a cop nearby the truck, I then said "sorry ma'am" and bowed, then she made me stop and said "How did you apologize to a cop?", I thought I had apologized wrong, so I did again "I am sorry ma'am" and bowed, then she called a teacher who was nearby and told him how I apologized to her, then both kinda of praised me, must be because most people don't have any respect, then I said thanks and sorry and kept going to find the car, didn't find it, but ended up at my farther is Tools stall, I left the other ginhidden in there, and went to search for the car, then he woke me up in real life...